Sometimes we just want to feel better. We just want someone or something to make us feel better - as if it’s going to “happen” to us. But how will it happen in us? What does it take to feel better? 

Used in concert, a variety of modalities can be employed to enhance awareness and well being, along with addressing specific limitations, conditions or injuries. One modality may soothe the nervous system of a client while another style of work encourages awareness in their neuromuscular system awakening or reinforcing proprioception. We may use yet another to help correct muscle imbalance in the body. We will, consciously and unconsciously, be addressing the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects held in the body, and often this is a participatory process for a client.

This integrative approach generally leaves clients with renewed, authentic awareness in their bodies. They often report feeling new sensations and lengthening and lightness in their bodies. They also report being both energized and relaxed. One client texted me to say that she had to adjust her rear view mirror on the way home because she was taller. Some are more aware of their breathing capacity, some their increased range of motion. 





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What Is

Integrative Body Work?