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Learning to navigate the world through the mythopoetic language of the soul brings us home to our authentic self from which we can more clearly see our true path. We gain confidence in our ability to read our own signs and symbols along the way, and this makes us increasingly aware of synchronicities in our daily lives - both waking and dreaming. We gain glimpses of the arc of our larger, deeper life story and learn to trust our own more subtle language. 



Messages from the dreamtime can expand and take flight when shared in the sacred container of a dream circle. Engaging with dreamwork, you will learn to increase your awareness of your soul's path in your life – waking and dreaming – and discover how dreams can be shared and expanded through this kind of practice.


Especially during times of uncertainty and challenge, dreamwork can teach us to navigate life from a more informed and well equipped place, guided by our mythopoetic dreaming voice. A consultation can be in person or over the phone and will last 30-50 minutes.


Messages from the dreamtime can expand and take flight when shared in the sacred container of a dream circle. In the midst of a larger container such as a retreat, a Dreamwork offering can weave group field dynamics with deeply personal soul threads into a shared tapestry of group healing. 


"I held a women's gathering on a farm in Clayton, Georgia. Honor was asked to come and do some healing work with the women. She did a fireside dream workshop which included an activity, songs, and the opportunity for the women to connect and process their dreamworld experiences. The activity was incredibly moving and insightful and Honor was an extremely confident and nurturing guide. I will never forget the experience and would highly recommend Honor for anyone seeking a guided spiritual and/or healing experience."


“In the sharing of dreams and under Honor’s guidance, long held beliefs are brought to light. The mind is made open and the strength of clarity and integrity come through in this collaborative act of dreamwork. Telling a dream to Honor is like telling a secret to a gentle and compassionate spaciousness. An opening occurs. She is mindful in her awareness and has this to share with others. In the presence of Honor, the dreamtime takes on a whole new meaning." 

LUCY / LMT / 2015

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