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Sometimes we just want to feel better. We just want someone or something to make us feel better - as if it’s going to happen "to" us. But how will it happen in us? What does it take to feel better? 

Used in concert, a variety of modalities can be employed to enhance awareness and well being, along with addressing specific limitations, conditions or injuries. One modality may soothe the nervous system while another style of work encourages awareness in the neuromuscular system, awakening or reinforcing proprioception. We may use yet another to help correct muscle imbalance in the body. We will, consciously and unconsciously, be addressing the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects held in the body, and often this is a participatory process for a client.​

This integrative approach generally leaves clients with renewed, authentic awareness in their bodies. They often report feeling new sensations and lengthening and lightness in their bodies. They also report being both energized and relaxed. One client texted to say that she had to adjust her rear view mirror on the way home because she was taller. Some are more aware of their breathing capacity, some their increased range of motion. 






Deep Presence and Biodynamic Cranial work defer to the stillness or ground of being and the place where you meet God, so to speak. Together we listen for what is already present in the deepest yet most expansive aspect of who and how we are. We allow for the divine that enlivens all that is to show itself in us, as us. 

This work is for anyone who is seeking peace and balance in their life. It can be especially beneficial for those who have experienced a destabilizing loss or trauma and are trying to find their way back to equilibrium.


Deep presence is offered in person at my office AND can be quite profound when we meet remotely, at a distance. Time and space seem to enhance the effects of meeting in this way, so remote sessions are sometimes more potent than in person sessions, and you can remain in the safety and comfort of your own home.  


"My Biodynamic Cranial Approach / Deep Presence session with Honor was nothing short of life changing. Honor and the space she held for me allowed me to tap into a very deep part of myself and my grounding center. This session has truly allowed me to be more present and to open my heart to what I really need in life. Thank you, Honor, for your gifts and the space you held for me!"


"Honor is both exceptionally skilled and highly intuitive. Her integrated approach is exactly what I needed to feel amazing when she finished. She also patiently and gently instructed me on an exercise I can do at home to address a problem area. Thank you, Honor!"


"Thank you so much for a wonderful massage yesterday. My body felt so different from anytime I can remember--freer, looser. I was disappointed (though not surprised) to see that all your spots today are filled; otherwise I would have signed up for another." 



Honor is available as a guest LMT for retreats and retreat centers. If you are organizing a retreat and want to hire an LMT for the weekend to treat your clients, contact Honor to discuss her rates. 

Since 2014, Honor has loved providing massage at Camp Ramah Darom's Passover Retreats. This is usually a ten day period in which Honor provides 50+ Bodywork services on up to three generations of some families and gets to work with people from all over the world. It is a special treat for Honor as this is on the property where Honor attended summer camp as a youngster when it was Tumbling Waters. 

In 2017, Honor facilitated her first Soul Nature retreat, hosted at the beautiful Elohee Retreat Center in Northeast Georgia. More recently Honor enjoys providing bodywork for those on retreat at Elohee, giving Honor time on the land to inform future retreat offerings. 

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