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Allow 60-90 Minutes, including phone call

Now more than ever before, we must do whatever is necessary to maintain the ground of our being. We need practices to keep us centered and as healthy and whole as possible to navigate the ongoing developments of a global pandemic. A remote session looks different for each person, depending on your needs. It may include any one or several of the following and will likely change from one session to the next. 

  • Soul Work - We will talk about what is “up” for you and how you are connecting or not feeling connected to your inner voice or authentic self. In doing so we navigate between inner/outer world dynamics and home into the authentic voice of your soul and places where your attention is truly called in order to identify and take the steps that are needed now.


  • Deep Presence and Biodynamic Cranial Approach - we will appoint a time to go together into the stillness (like meditation) and then connect by phone to process as necessary. Deep Presence and Biodynamic Cranial work defer to the stillness or ground of being and the place where you meet God, so to speak. We listen for what is already present in the deepest yet most expansive aspect of who and how we are. We allow for the divine that enlivens all that is to show itself in us, as us.

  • Dream Work - looking to the client's dreams to find threads and patterns to elucidate one’s journey and learn to better navigate by one’s unique symbolic language. I am observing a current trend of clear dreams about what is happening globally. While this is often the case, it’s more recognizable due to the shared journey we are all experiencing together. 


In remote sessions, I offer my self as a portal, opening the way for what is needed to come through. This can manifest in a variety of ways and kinds of information that will come through in the space we open between us. It is a potent and generative space and your level of receptivity and willingness to participate will determine the scope of possibility. 


I work intuitively in the realm of soul and dream work, so may pull from a variety of sources to add to the mix.


One additional  way I am happy to assist during this time is helping to assist in creating personal daily practices to help center and ground you in the midst of the chaos. There may be some simple things you can do to ease stress and create space for healing and rest and clarity about how to proceed in the best ways for you. This can be very simple and unique to your way of navigating life. 

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