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There is a vast world inside each of us and all things that is every bit as spacious as what appears outside. 


I am drawn to capture the beauty in all manner of scenes and subjects, with the intention of transmitting what lives inside. Following the way of Beauty for quite some time now, I am eternally grateful for the teachings I have received from Nature. That we are all connected in the most intricate yet simple ways is just at the surface of this deep learning.  

The beauty we engage in the world resonates deeply into our being, enlivening the beauty, peace and grace within us that we so often forget is here. These images are intended to awaken the beauty and grace within - to resonate in your heart, spirit, mind and even your body, evoking something in you that longs to come forward in grace. 


May the beauty you encounter in the world bring you fully and joyfully alive! 

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

Jalal ad-Din Rumi— Quatrain 82
Version by Coleman Barks
Open Secret

Threshold Books, 1984

Honor Woodard, BFA

An image maker for 35+ years, Honor has worked in the industry as a Picture Editor at Sports Illustrated, Backpacker and Outdoor Explorer magazines. She has designed award-winning web stories, artwork and covers for several books, and her photography and paintings are in collections locally and internationally. Honor earned a Bachelors in Fine Art from Washington University in St. Louis and studied Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.


Intrigued by the power of images to reach the eyes of the heart and soul, Honor intends for her images to awaken wonder at the more than human world. 

Honor offers fine art photography, printed on metal, ready to hang.

“We don’t find things unless we are open to them. Thus, a basic reciprocity in our interaction with our world is affirmed. You walk into the woods, into an old vacated place... How you approach makes all the difference, to you, to the place, to you and the place together. One way, you walk into a place and occupy it. Another way, you walk into a living presence. This is the way Honor walks, and delightfully for us, she brings back messages from that meeting. These messages are true gifts, because through such a vicarious tutelage we too can then learn to walk into the world somewhere to such a meeting.”


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