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Deane Juhan working with a student
"Seventy five percent of the work happens before I put my hands on the [client's] body."
    - Dr. Milton Trager (via Deane Juhan)

My primary teacher since graduating from Florida School of Massage is Deane Juhan. Deane was a longtime student of Dr. Milton Trager, and also authored "Job's Body," one of the most well respected texts in the field of manual therapies. I have completed more than 350 hours of study in Resistance & Release with him in the classroom and have been assisting him in teaching around the country since 2016. The Resistance & Release work is remarkably effective in correcting muscle imbalance, rapidly restoring strength and cumulatively results in profound structural change and integration. I am grateful to have found Deane's work at the beginning of my bodywork journey in 2011, and I intend to follow this work as far as possible. 

Giorgia Milne

In August 2016 I completed a year long mentor course in Biodynamic Cranial Touch with Giorgia Milne. I had been interested in cranio sacral work a few years before becoming a licensed massage therapist, and when I more recently discovered the biodynamic work, I knew it was what I had been waiting for. Coming from a medical background, Giorgia has extensive training through the Milne Institute and with Charles Ridley in Dynamic Stillness. One of several branches of Cranial work, the Biodynamic work is a non-efferent, heart centered method, engaging pure stillness rather than structural manipulations, and operating from the field rather than approaching with a protocol of doing. This form of presence with clients can be deeply restorative and informative in surprising ways. In the spaciousness of stillness, there is room for all manner of experience. 

Florida School of Massage

The Florida School of Massage is a uniquely wonderful massage and bodywork program. With a grounding in presence and awareness, students are encouraged in their natural learning styles, given a very sturdy foundation of basic modalities and are nurtured in a supportive community of fellow bodyworkers. All staff at the school are licensed massage therapists, and emphasis is on personal growth, healing and development. I knew in an instant that this was the right school for me, and this was confirmed throughout my journey there. Wonderful teachers, well-designed program and all on an amazing property that backs up to a 20,000+ acre prairie, full with wildlife and beauty. 

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I continue to be inspired and engaged in learning from both Deane and Giorgia and the styles of work they are passing down. They teach from their respective wells of wisdom gained through their unique experience and lineages, and they teach from within the present moment. They seem to be learning alongside their students because their humility and wonder are intact and profound. And indeed they are continuing to learn and adapt their respective living bodies of work. I have deep gratitude for their modeling and hope to continue this learning and adapting for a very long time.
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