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Honor Woodard, BFA, LMT

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Head Massage


We all need assistance from time to time, to help us remember how to move and be with ease and grace. Honor blends a variety of modalities to enhance awareness and well being while addressing specific limitations, conditions and injuries. This integrative approach leaves clients with renewed, authentic awareness in their bodies. They also report being both energized and relaxed, with increased range of motion.  One client texted to say that she had to adjust her rear view mirror on the way home because she was taller.

If you’re nursing an injury or just feeling out of whack, try an Integrative Bodywork session. It will include slow, deep, connective tissue therapy, balanced with gentle movement and the engagement of muscle groups to restore balance and strength.

If you need to slow down and remember what peace feels like, the Deep Presence may be just the thing. This form of presence, a biodynamic cranial approach can be deeply restorative and informative in surprising ways, allowing one's own healing wisdom to emerge in the deep silence of listening. In the spaciousness of stillness, there is room for all manner of experience. 

Is it time for some Integrative Bodywork or Deep Presence to help remember your easeful, graceful way?



Dream work opens us more deeply to our true life purpose and serves as a doorway past the threshold of places where we get stuck.  Messages from the dreamtime expand and take flight when shared in the sacred container of a dream circle or consultation. Engaging with dreamwork, you will increase your awareness of your soul's path in your life – waking and dreaming – and discover how dreams can be wise messengers through this kind of practice.

photo by Cathy Snyder


After many years in the healing arts field, blending integrative bodywork and dynamic stillness, and taking people into Nature for healing experiences, Honor is weaving the threads of her healing practice with her skills in dreamwork, soul work and ceremony, culminating in Soul Nature. 


Honor is excited to be able to provide a more accessible container for this kind of awakening and growth to a larger community. Look for new retreats coming this Spring! Keep up with them at

Honor is proud to offer her photographic prints as part of her healing arts practice. Intrigued by the power of an image to reach the eyes of the heart and soul, Honor intends for her images to awaken wonder at the more than human world. Her works are an invitation to awaken the beauty and grace within, resonating in one's heart, spirit, mind and body, evoking something inside that longs to come forward in grace.