“In seeking after what the soul desires, we become pilgrims with no home but the path the soul would have us follow.”
      --Michael Meade, "Fate and Destiny"


A strong container for work in the threshold is imperative. To be held and witnessed in our most tender transitions is a powerful ally as we become more fully human. Stepping into the dark places with eyes open… walking into the light of dawn knowing we have risked ourselves… returning with unexpected tools and treasures, we need to be seen, our stories must be shared and received as we lean into vibrant becoming. I am here to sit with you in your becoming, to hold space where your own ears, eyes, heart and soul can more clearly see, hear and feel the powerful images of your very own journey.


Honor Woodard, Fellow Traveler

Threshold companion, soul path walker, hearth tender, miner of dream gold, maker of healing images, integrative bodyworker, Honor has gone to Nature for guidance since she was a child, informing and enhancing an evolving relationship to the more than human world and companionship with wild rivers and forests in the places where she roams. She has honed her attentiveness to the elements, orienting her work to attuning to soul and authentic remembering, continuing to find her way by feel, bodily sensing and deep listening. 


After a decade blending integrative bodywork and deep stillness, and taking people to Nature for soul engaging experiences, Honor is weaving the threads of her healing arts practice with her skills in dreamwork, soul work and self generated ceremony, culminating in Soul Nature, offering programs to support soul work and rites of passage. 


In the last year, Honor fasted and trained as a Threshold Guide with the School of Lost Borders, and she is excited to be able to provide a more accessible container for this kind of deepening and growth to her community. 

“I love the magic that emerges when people bring humble and sincere intentions into the sacred container of a group in wild places. It allows us to receive the gifts of seeing ourselves more clearly - hearing our own voices in the spaciousness of a listening realm.”


Honor Woodard, Fellow Traveler